Street Boy : Our Foundation’s Back story

17 Jul


Our Foundations back story.

We still have groups in our society, with little voice or power, the small businessman,the worker, the elderly, the disadvantaged and the homeless. they each have their story.

Even the street boy.

I was standing at a cafe, waiting for my fare
The smell of meat and veggies was wafting through the air
Waiting for my number, queues are not my favourite scene
Then number 37 came up flashing cross the screen

A young kid skittered forward I would say around 14
His  hair was long and matted one could guess where he had been
His tattered shirt and scrappy jeans were longing for a scrub
His boots a size too small for him, the pain, -in every rub

Grabbing for his burger, he turned and stared at me
The eyes were of an older man not young and fancy-free
The lines upon his sunken face belied his youthful age
A deep frustration mixed with fear was stamped with quiet rage

The waitress urged 3.50, the kid ignored the girl
Then suddenly he turned away and bolted out the door
Two blokes clearing tables down decided to give chase
They disappeared along the street at quite a vengeful pace

But something got me about the boy’s predicament
Turning to the door i felt the cool hard grey cement
Watching them, they ran towards the railway station yard
I followed them though falling dusk meant vision here was hard

An urgency took hold of me , a need to see it through
The railway platform loomed ahead and then a whistle blew
I saw two on the platform yell, come back you mongrel dog
A good train thundered past me as a scream pierced through / fog

We jumped down on the track, my stomach tightened up in side
What horror lay in front of us, my legs felt really tired.
That boy was just a bloodied mess, life disappearing fast
I knelt down near his face,…… his breath t’was just a gasp

“I’m just a homeless street kid: they can’t take me this way
And now they won’t catch me alive”……. his life then slipped away
The words he cried reminded me of words spoke long ago
By an old bloke deep in trouble by a Queensland waterhole.

And maybe now that street kid is at peace up there above
With God or some such power that will give a taste of love
Yes street kids and the swaggies they will join in fine embrace
and welcome all those people there in that far better place.

They’ll waltz with their Matildas like the battling folk of old
And waltzing they will sing the fair go song and sing it bold
So while we’re here upon the earth, lets listen to that song
And sing of love and care fore those who feel they don’t belong.

Oct 200 Geoffrey W Graham


Choosing a new bishop for Sydney

18 Mar

Choosing a new bishop for Sydney

Haven’t blogged for a while but this piece from priest mate Eric Hodgens deserves a public.


Sunday Sermon – “You are the Salt of the Earth” February 9, 2014

9 Feb

Sunday Sermon – “You are the Salt of the Earth” February 9, 2014

“You are the salt of the earth” ie the ingredient that sacrifices self to help

My mate, Sister Cecilia, from the North of OZ sent this to me and I believe it’s worth blogging.

4 Feb

Just sharing a day in Woorabinda – one of those that happens every now and then. It may not sound very remarkable but it is as far as the ministry here goes.


I’ve been flat out this week with the much needed Bougainvillea trimming (finally found someone to help me with it) and painting floorboards with special decking “paint” for a new ramp for the church. The old one has rotted. At this stage I don’t want to see another plank but have to start the final coat tomorrow. It was one of those days when everybody suddenly needed to see me, all unexpected, so I had to keep washing out the brush and covering the paint and then starting over, but they were great interruptions. One lady from another culture really upset with marriage problems; one nurse from another town arriving with bags of “Long Johns” (iced cordial) for the kids and staying for a chat; one teenage boy over with a young white man from the Red Cross centre asking to be a Christian! He wanted to change his life…The white man said he wasn’t a Christian- yet- when I invited him to pray for the boy with me. Maybe he’ll arrive one day too…back to the painting when a young mother arrived saying how she needed to come back to church and have her kids baptised – a long story- and was coming on Sunday; back to the painting… then a family looking for second hand clothes; another go at the painting when another mother arrived with her children. She wants baptism for herself and all the kids. She was supposed to come at 10am and by this time it was 6pm!!! I gave up on the painting, washed out the brush once more, had a quick meal and got ready for the art class I hold one night a week for some of the women.

The teenager said he would come to church on Sunday too- it will be standing room only if this keeps up! Of course, they have to turn up…


Please pray for our little flock – and that that ramp for the church gets finished!

Love and blessings,



Sunday Sermon – “Mother and Boy Child go to Church” February 2, 2014

2 Feb

Speaking from the world’s most secular country (no negative criticism intended) what’s the earthly/unearthly use of going to church?


Sunday Sermon – “God has Moved in with Us” January 26, 2014

2 Feb

3rd Sunday of Ordinary time
Reading of Isaiah Chapter 8: 23-9: 3

Our first reading contains a few verses of a poem probably composed in 732 when the King of Assyria destroyed the Jewish northern Kingdom of Israel, captured its capital Samaria and deported the elite.


Sunday Sermon – noisy conscience of secular society January 19, 2014 noon

19 Jan

Two young men, John and Jesus, heatedly discuss the rights and wrongs of protesting against an occupying army from Rome.


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